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You’re hired!

Do you have what it takes to be a Butlins Redcoat?

Having worked at Butlins for more than three and a half years now, I’m more than used to the first question that, without fail, I get asked when I tell people where I work, and that is: “Are you a Redcoat?!”

Well, I’m not, but we do have more than 100 Redcoats across our three resorts, who’re there to be your friend, your guide, holiday host and to help you make the most of your stay with us. They’re known around the world and we’ve seen some pretty famous faces come through our doors over the years, too.

Stephen Mulhern started his career as a Butlins Redcoat in Minehead!

Stephen Mulhern started his career as a Butlins Redcoat in Minehead!

November is a really exciting time for our Entertainments Team as they’re busy holding open auditions across the country to find wonderful new people to come and be part of our team!

That could mean that you, or someone you know, could be wearing that famous red jacket come February half term!

Redcoat Nathan from Butlins Bognor Regis

Redcoat Nathan from Butlins Bognor Regis

Many people think that to be a Butlins Redcoat you have to be able to sing, dance and perform. Well, that’s not entirely true: whilst many of our Redcoats are brilliant performers, we actually look for exceptional people skills and the right attitude when we recruit new team. If someone’s able to talk to people, make them laugh and really want to help them, then we can always teach them to sing and dance!

So, if you think you’re the kind of person who can be the ultimate holiday host, or you know someone who fits the bill, why not come along and show us what you’re made of?!

We’re holding auditions between Wednesday 05 and Wednesday 12 November 2014 in London, Birmingham and Salford Quays. We’ve put all the details including locations, times and vital information on the link below.


Visit butlins.com/auditions to find out more and register.

If you give it a go let us know how you did on Twitter! Best of luck and I hope to see you in 2015!