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How To… Shoot a Bow and Arrow

One of my most memorable holidays when I was a child was actually a school residential trip to a near by adventure center. I was in year 5 at school and it was my first time away from home for more than 1 night. The trip included all sorts of activities like orienteering, fencing, and high rope climbing to name a few.

The one activity I will always remember as being my favorite was Archery. I had never held a bow and arrow before, let alone be allowed to shoot one! To my surprise (or as a bit of flukey luck came my way) I managed to finish 1st in my class and was awarded the ‘Maid Marion Award!’. Katniss Everdeen – move aside! Since then, I have never picked up a bow and arrow until I started working at Butlins, when I confirmed it was indeed just luck! However, I had loads of fun and would highly recommend to any guest to give it a go!

Down at Bullseye Bay, we have a team of instructors who are fully trained and are always there to make sure everyone’s safe and enjoying the experience.  We provide all of the equipment you’ll need too, and our sessions are accredited by Archery GB. This is one of our most popular sports and is enjoyed by many whilst on a break at our seaside resort. It’s a great activity for the whole family to enjoy together – with sessions suitable for families with children aged 8 and over.

So you can be a head of your class and be ready should you ever land yourself a part in Robin Hood, we have made you a little video to help you learn How To Shoot a Bow and Arrow! Give it a watch and let me know how you do on your next Butlins Break!


Let The Games Begin! Rachel