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Fabulous Things to do Before the End of 2014

The year may be coming to an end but you still have plenty of time to get stuck into some absolutely fabulous activities that are guaranteed to end your 2014 on a tip-top note.

So without further ado, here’s a list of our Butlins fabulous things to do before the end of 2014.

Get crafty

You can find hundreds of ideas for arts and crafts either online or in books, and if you are staying with us you can join in with our arts and crafts available with Club Red, this Christmas you can even make your own door hangers, Christmas mugs and calendars, fancy that.

Get crafty this Christmas

Get crafty this Christmas

Build a den

Whether you’re at home in your own bedroom, or staying with us in our glorious accommodation, making a den is a super easy and brilliantly fun way of spending a rainy day (or a sunny one!) You can use anything from blankets to bed sheets and throw in loads of pillows to make your den nice and snug.

Try a new flavour of ice cream

If you love ice cream as much as we do, why not try a brand new flavour and discover a new favourite! If you are staying with us over the Christmas period pop into Scoop and grab yourself one of our delicious real Italian ice creams.

Try a new flavour of ice cream from Scoop

Try a new flavour of ice cream from Scoop

Write a story

Have you been on an exciting trip, seen something marvellous or taken part in something wonderful? How about writing a short story about your special time, you can be as imaginative as you want and even draw pictures to go alongside your words. If you need inspiration, why not write about our very own Billy Bear and his adventures on our resort.

Look good in fancy dress

Spend some time looking fabulous in fancy dress of your choice. You could even dress up as your favourite member of our Skyline Gang, with costumes available in the Butlins store.

Skyline Gang

Skyline Gang

Visit Father Christmas

Last, but certainly not least, take some time out of your busy activity schedule to pay a visit to the most famous Redcoat himself, Father Christmas, who will be spending some time on our resorts this Christmas in Frosty’s Frozen Snow Dome, giving you the chance to meet him for a little talk of your Christmas wishes before he heads of on his journey to deliver presents all around the world.

Which of our ‘things to do’ are you most excited to try out, or perhaps you’ve done some already? We would love to hear about your adventures! Post them on our Facebook page or tweet us @Butlins!

Have fun and Merry Christmas! Elly