Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

National Have Fun at Work Day

Today is dedicated to all you hard-working boys and girls who deserve a bit of light-hearted action in the office, afterall, time goes quicker when you’re having fun!

If you’re counting down the days to the weekend, or even your next Butlins break, our top tips for National Have Fun at Work Day are guaranteed to get the clock ticking!

Office dress up days
Whether it’s a ‘silly hat day’ or ‘crazy sock day,’ adding some sparkle to your office wear  is a great way of bringing a bit of energy with you to work, and it’s certainly a conversation starter!


Office Dress Up

Take it in turns to bring in tasty treats
Whether you fancy bringing in some home-baked goods, or a pack of biscuits from the corner shop you pass on your way to work, tasty treats are a great way of cheering up anybody’s day! It’s a proven fact that chocolate increases happiness, so, listen to science and eat chocolate!

It’s a long-held belief that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, and whether that’s true or not, we can definately say it feels a lot better to grin than to glare!

Remember To Smile

Remember To Smile

Set yourself targets with rewards
Why not set yourself targets with rewards for when you reach them? This is a great way to not only get all your jobs done, but have fun along the way!

Get to know your co-workers and engage in team building
If you’re spending a lot of time surrounded by the same people, then you’ll want to get to know them! Why not get involved in small team building excercices, or make effort in getting to know your co-workers.

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Get To Know Co-Workers

 Try a change of scenery
Instead of unwrapping your homemade sandwich at the same desk you’ve been sat up for hours, when it comes to lunchtime, give yourself a change of scenery. Whether it’s spending some time eating out with collegues, or just taking a lunchbox outside, removing yourself from the office gives your body and mind a chance to re-charge, meaning you’ll be better motivated when your break time is over!

Has your workplace got involved in National Have Fun at Work Day? We would love to hear your own top tips or photographs from your fun day! Tweet us @butlins or share your thoughts on our Butlins Facebook page! Enjoy the rest of your day!