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Introducing: Play-Doh Activity Sessions!

The smell of Play-Doh; everyone has experienced it, but no-one can describe it. It’s the scent of your childhood. It’s the memory of sticking your fingers into a big ball of brightly coloured mess and squeezing it until it spilled out of your hands.

It’s everything we all loved as children and now, in 2015, we want to ensure that your little ones have those same wonderful memories with our brand new Play-Doh experience!

If you’re heading to one of our Just for Tots breaks this year you’ll be able to sign up for one of our Play-Doh Activity Sessions, especially designed for 2 – 5 year olds and their families.

The new Play-Doh Activity Sessions will be hosted by our very own Redcoats, who have been expertly trained by the Doh-Doh characters themselves in the art of Play-Doh modelling!


Our little guests will be taught how to make things out of Play-Doh (like ‘delicious’ ice cream!), how to mix Play-Doh colours, how to use Play-Doh activity sets to make new and exciting creations and they’ll even be taught the alphabet using Play-Doh letters!

We’ll be running four Play-Doh Activity Sessions on the Tuesday of each break so you can choose to pop in at a time that suits you. You’ll even get given an activity booklet in the session so you can carry on the fun when you’re back at home.

Take a look at our website for full details.

What will you make?