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April A-Z Blogging Challenge

If you are active in the world of blogging, you may have already heard of this challenge! If not, let us explain:

The A-Z blogging challenge was created in 2010 by a blogger who wanted to get the online writing community together for a month of daily posting inspired by each letter of the alphabet. We’re starting on April 1st with the letter A and continuing throughout the month on each day, excluding Sunday’s, until we reach the end of the challenge with the letter ‘Z!’

We’ll be using this challenge as an opportunity to explore the world of activities, entertainment, dining, accommodation, and fantastic new experiences available this year, taking you on a journey of the A-Z of Butlin’s! We cannot wait for you to see all the wonderful things we have on offer for you this year.

A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]

Are you getting involved in this blogging challenge? Maybe you had some ideas on what we should write about on a certain letter? We would love you to get involved and let us know your thoughts! You can post your comments onto our Facebook page or tweet us @Butlins

We look forward to hearing from you.