Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

F is for Fearless Adventure

Here at Butlin’s, we absolutely love feeding our guest’s passion for walking on the wild side! We pride ourselves in creating the next generation of daring and courageous individuals through our range of adventurous activities that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. The perfect treat for all those fearless little adventurers.

Why not have a look at some of the things we have on offer? Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Climbing Wall

Can you get to the top? Our climbing wall is not only an exciting adventure for budding daredevils, it’s a perfect activity for the whole family! We’ll help little ones build up great co-ordination, strength and most important; bravery! All safety equipment is supplied by us and our fantastic, fully qualified instructors are more than happy to help you every step of the way, so all you need to focus on is getting as high as you can!

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

High Ropes and Zip Wire

Do you live life on the edge? If so, this is the activity for you! If you’re feeling brave, you have the opportunity to face the high-rope course, you’ll feel like you’re jumping through the clouds, feeling your pulse increase as you make your way through the trail. If you fancy playing it a bit safer – and there’s nothing wrong with that! – you can have a go at our low-level rope course, just as much fun but with feet a little closer to the ground.

If you’re feeling really brave, you can take the ‘Leap of Faith’ found in the centre of the high-rope course! Don’t be scared to take full advantage of our wonderful instructors, they are there to answer all your questions and help you along every step of the way for a safe and exciting experience.

For older children, the zip wire is a must. One of our instructors will strap them in and you can watch from below as they fly through the air back down to earth.


High Ropes

Target Shooting

Ready! Aim! Fire! Our precise target shooting sessions give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to sharp shooting with an air rifle! Not only is this activity incredibly entertaining, you’ll feel the thrill of achievement as our fully trained coaches pass on fantastic tips to get you hitting those targets in a fun and safe environment!

Precise Target Shooting is available at all our resorts and we will provide all of the equipment. This activity is suitable for guests who are 12 years or older and is bookable at the Leisure Hub.

Precise Target Shooting

Precise Target Shooting


Grab your bow and arrow! Our fully trained Archery instructors are here to get you hitting that Butlins Bulls-eye! If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood, then this is the activity for you! This is a fantastic experience and will make you the envy of all your friends, do you think you could hit the target? We’ll provide you with all the equipment, so all you’ll need to bring is energy, courage and bags of adrenaline!

This is one of our most popular sports and only costs £5pp, so we’d recommend you book a space at the Leisure Hub as early as you can in your break. It’s a great activity for the whole family to enjoy together – with sessions suitable for families with children aged 8 and over.

Do Something Adventerous!


Go Karts

Calling all budding F1 drivers! Come and experience the thrill of our Go Karts! Our custom track is guaranteed to provide thrills for all of the family, whether you wish to speed around as a single driver, or jump into a double-seater kart with your partner in crime! Not only is this activity great fun, it’ll give you the opportunity to develop quick reflexes, car control and quick decision-making skills! All pretty useful for a future daredevil!


Which of these daring activities are you most looking forward to getting involved in? Perhaps you’ve already completed some! We would love to see your photographs and comments, either posted onto our Facebook page or tweet us @butlins. We look forward to seeing adventurous photos from our fearless guests!