Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

I is for Ice Cream!

There is nothing better on a hot and sunny day, than a delicious ice cream! Here at Butlin’s, our Scoop ice cream parlour offers a massive range of ice cream flavour’s to suit any mood or occasion. To help you decide on what to choose, we’ve written a little poem with all our fabulous flavours!


For luxury Ice Cream come to Scoop,
With so many flavours, just have a look!
There’s coffee infusion, raspberry sorbet
strawberry, vanilla and crème brulee
with Cheesecake chunks or raspberry swirls
Sprinkle-topped or chocolate curls
Mint choc chip or Oreo
Peanutella or Cookie dough
Strawberry milkshake and honeycomb,
In a tub or on a cone!
How many scoops, three, two or one?
Choose mint and lime, or raisin and rum
Smother in sauce and add a big flake
or blend your flavour into a milkshake
If you fancy a taste of something you’ve seen
Then let Scoop create your ice cream dream!


What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Mine is definatley mint choc chip! Maybe you have a photograph of yourself with our fabulous pink cows outside the Scoop parlour? We would love to hear your comments and see your pictures, remember you can send them to us through Facebook or tweet us @butlins

Have a wonderful day!