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J is For Just For Tots!

Working on resort I am lucky enough to be able to join in the fun and magic that happens on our breaks. My favourite break of them all is our Just For Tots specifically for families with children under 5. The resort transforms into a magical arena especially for the little ones and their mummies and daddies! Schedules all change to a little earlier and the entertainment and activities are all tweaked to ensure they fit in with a young families routine.

Maly at Butlins

Maly at Butlins

To get a real feel of this break and be able to see how important all the little details are, I bought my 3 year old nephew, Maly, onto resort for the day! We explored the whole resort together and here are our top 3 favorite parts.


Little Tikes Town

Maly’s favourite part of the whole day was the Little Tikes Town. He is a big lover of all things cars so had a whale of a time filling up his car with make believe petrol and zooming around the track! Once his driving mission was complete he absolutely loved playing in all the houses and sliping down all the slides!


The Food

Maly is the definition of fussy eater so lunchtime, I knew, was going to be a task. Not being a parent myself, I am not experienced in the tricks to make a little one eat but once in The Deck I discovered this didn’t matter. All the food was laid out in a buffet style ready for Maly to pick what ever he liked! Alongside this there is a great selection for the adults and freshly made pasta dishes to order. Celebrity chef Annabel Karmel works with our chefs to create healthy, tasty and quality to kids meals.


Usbourne Reading Corner

With all the excitement of our day, we both needed a bit of down time so we headed to Bar Rosso to check out the Usbourne Books reading corner. With a huge selection of books, many families were settled down cozy on bean bags reading and rejuvenating. This was great for us to build back up a bit of energy ready to continue our adventure!


Usbourne Reading Corner

Usbourne Reading Corner

But don’t take my word for it. Here you can meet 2 of our blogger ambassadors, Becky and Chloe who have experienced one of our Just For Tots breaks with their little ones. Why not take a look and see their stories!

Maly with a GoPro

Apparently this is how to use a GoPro

If you have been on one of our Just for Tots breaks I would love to hear what made it special for you? Why not let me know on our Facebook wall or send me a tweet @Butlins. We love to see pictures of everyone having a great time so you can also tag us in your Instagram photos! Come back on Monday to see our next installment of the A-Z Challenge!

Look forward to seeing you on your next break!