Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

K is for Kid’s Clubs

We understand that the very best things about holidays are making brand new friends and doing things that you may have never done before! Club Red is one of our fantastic Kid’s Clubs available for 9-12 year-olds and hosted by our very lovely Redcoats, who make it easy-peasy for you to try exciting new activities, with lots of group participation so that you have the opportunity to meet new people, and make lots of great friends!


We have a great range of activities included in the price of your break:

  • Hoopin’
    Impress your parents and friends with brand new skills you’ll learn from our exclusive 9+ hula-hooping sessions! Why not come along on a Tuesday or Saturday at 12:30pm and show us what you can do? You will be taught new tricks to wow and impress your friends!
  • Party Dance Training
    This is your opportunity to learn an exclusive party dance just for Club Red! You will then have the chance to perform on stage in front of all your friends and family! You’ll learn all the latest dance moves with this workshop available on Sunday and Thursday at 3pm.

For a little extra charge you can experience:

  • Fabric Design £5
    Be inspired by art and design and bring your creations to life on a t-shirt or bag to take home


Club Red activities are available on all peak breaks and term time weekends, spaces on some sessions are limited and need to be booked when you arrive, so it’s best to check your entertainment guide when you get here so you don’t miss out! Don’t forget if you’ve got any photos from one of our Kid’s Clubs, you can send them in to us over Facebook or tweet us @butlins.

See you soon!