Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

M is for Mum’s!

When you visit one of our three resorts on your Butlin’s break, we are sure to pull out all the stops so that every member of your family has the best experience, and make sure they have the perfect opportunity to re-discover their sparkle, after all, our true intent is all for your delight. With this in mind, we have spoken to the people we believe are very important when it comes to getting the best out of your break… Mum’s!

Our wonderful Butlin’s Ambassador’s have kindly given us some insight into what it is that makes their Butlin’s break such a great choice for the whole family, we love Emma’s thoughts on our fabulous entertainment:

Entertainment at Butlin’s written by Emma from Emma and 3

With a five, eleven and fifteen year old I am often found juggling my children, each has very different needs and wants and keeping them all entertained and happy is a full time job.  Butlin’s though, has all the bases covered and I didn’t hear any complaints from my little gang on our first visit to Butlin’s Minehead.  The resort entertainment had each of them entertained and challenged from the minute we left the apartment.


The swimming pool and slides were a huge hit with my water babies, the older ones whooped and laughed as they hit the thrill seeker rides, whilst Erin and I bobbed along the lazy river and spent our time more sedately.  The fairground was also high up on the ‘to do’ list and again I watched as the older ones headed for the Waltzers and fast spinning rides, whilst Erin and I galloped around on the magical carousel.


Butlin’s has it all, and caters for multigenerational families easily.  The same can be said for the entertainment, we were lucky enough to be there on a WWE weekend and it was great that the teen (who had taken a friend with us) was able to go off and have their own type of fun in the games areas, whilst the tween was captivated by the wrestling with dad.  Littlest enjoyed having her face painted and joining in with soft play and organised games in the other areas.  I felt happy to let the teens wander off and come back at designated times whilst I took Erin back to the chalet for bed.  Mum was then able to enjoy a drink in peace whilst Butlin’s took care of entertaining my children.


Some fun face painting!

We asked Becky to tell us her family’s favourite place to eat, this is what she had to say:

Food at Butlin’s written by Becky Evans of The Spirited Puddle Jumper

As a total newcomer to Butlin’s, one of the things I was seriously impressed with was the quality, standard and choice of food. Whether you’re booking a Premium Dining Package, or sampling one of the many other eateries, there really is something for everyone.

If you’re staying in Bognor, I thoroughly recommended a family night out at The Diner. The atmosphere and music is second to none, and I can honestly say that the chocolate milkshakes were to die for, the best we have ever had! The staff were also spot-on- attentive, speedy, yet took time to stop and have a proper chat with our children, and Freddie (age 3) was really chuffed that he had a new buddy to talk trains with!


Or, If you’re looking for a more grown up night out, or for a special occasion, Turners is the place to be. It’s still family friendly, yet with a more sophisticated edge. The menu is simple yet refined, and as a blogger/Mum with a passion for interiors, you could tell a lot of thought has gone into the interior design- it was comfortable and relaxing, yet with a bang-up-to-date vibe. We decided to go as a treat on our last night and I’m so glad we did, as it was such a memorable meal.

My children are pretty good eaters, but I would bet money that if yours is a fussy one, each place would serve something that they would eat- the variety of food really is that huge. It was often hard to make a decision!

Are you a Mum that has recently joined us on a Butlin’s break? We would love to hear your thoughts! Maybe you have some top tips for other Mum’s travelling with tots? As always, you can leave your comments on our Facebook page or tweet us @Butlins 

Have a wonderful day!