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Q is for Question Time

For today’s instalment of our A-Z blogging challenge, we have decided to do a question time, and who better than our longest serving Redcoat!

Redcoat Michaela wears purple for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

Redcoat Micheala wears purple for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

Hello Redcoat Micheala and welcome to the Butlin’s Blog! Where are you originally from?

Hello! Originally I come from Greater Manchester – Wigan.  Home to The World Pie-Eating Championship, Wigan Athletic and me, Redcoat Micheala!

How long have you been a Redcoat?

I am now in my eighth year as a Redcoat. I first put on the famous red jacket in 2007 and this now makes me the longest serving Redcoat across all three resorts.

Wow! What made you want to become a Redcoat?

I knew I wanted to be in a job where I could be active and had the opportunity to perform and interact with different people on a day to day basis. I came to Butlin’s on holiday as a child and loved the Redcoats. I really looked up to them and treasured the memories they helped my family and I make. So becoming a Redcoat was a dream come true. Eight years later I still thoroughly enjoy it.

Goodwood Revival 2014

Goodwood Revival 2014

How does it feel to be the longest serving Redcoat?

I am so proud to be the current longest serving Redcoat. The fact that I have so many years experience has really helps me in my current role as Redcoat Team Leader. I love bumping into guests who know me by name that have seen me around for the last few years. When I look back on all the families I have met, all of the entertainment I have been a part of and the impact I may have made on our guests breaks, I am filled with pride. I really do believe I have the best job in the world!

Do you like living in Bognor Regis?

I really enjoy living in Bognor Regis, it’s so different from the city life I used to live. I love being beside the seaside.

If you weren’t a Redcoat what would you be?

If I wasn’t a Redcoat I would probably be a personal assistant. Quite different from a Redcoat but a PA to the stars would be great fun. Obviously given the option I would definitely be a pop star- all girls want that.

Do you have and amazing stories from your time as a Redcoat?

There are so many amazing stories, from working with The Guinness World Book of Records to meeting Mister Maker. I also got to wear the very special 75th Anniversary uniform and attend the Goodwood Vintage and Revival festival representing Butlin’s. I have lots of stories and memories which will always stay with me.

Finally, if you could meet Billy Butlin, what would you say?

If I could meet Billy Butlin, I would say well done and thank you. Well done for creating a wonderful place where families get to spend quality time together and thank you for letting me a bit a part of it. It makes me very Proud to be able to wear the world famous Redcoat Jacket.

Billy Butlin

Billy Butlin


Thanks Redcoat Micheala! If you have any photos of you and Redcoat Micheala from your Butlin’s break we would love to see them. You can share them on our Facebook page, tweet us @Butlins or tag us on Instagram. Come back tomorrow to see our next instalment of our April A-Z Challenge!

See you soon!