Our True Intent is All for Your Delight

R is for Rides

You may already know that it was Billy Butlin who introduced Dodgems to the UK in the 1930’s, which is why we’re proud to feature a wonderful traditional fairground in each of our resorts. Perfect for the whole family, with rides suitable for both older and younger children, here’s just a few of the fantastic things you can get up to when you visit us!

Enjoy our Butlin’s resort from new heights on a ride that will whirl you around in the sky!


Rockin’ Tug
Set sail aboard the Rockin’ Tug! This nautical treat will take you on a voyage of ups and downs and round and rounds!


The carousel is about as traditional as it comes! Gallop around on one of our named horses, or take a seat in a beautiful carriage, however you wish to travel, we know you’ll love this ride!

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Feel yourself spinning round and round with this brilliant ride! Perfect for those who love a swing, but be careful not to get too dizzy!


Helter Skelter
Make your way to the top and slide down our fabulous, vintage Helter Skelter.


If you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine on resort today, you may have already visited our fairground! Do you have a favourite ride? Mine is definitely the carousel, and I’ve seen lots of wonderful photographs of our guests enjoying it too! Why not send in your photos to our Facebook? Or you can tweet us @butlins. We really look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!