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Billy Bear’s Easter Adventures!

Hello Everyone! How are you today? Did you have a good Easter? I had the best Easter EVER!

There were lots and lots of fun activities for me to do around the resort and tons of great shows to watch. There was an Easter egg hunt that I did with Bonnie, we were rushing about all over the place trying to find clues, it was really great! It was very exciting when we answered the final question right and won a special Billy and Bonnie Easter egg with our faces on. We’ve been told you can’t get them anywhere else in the whole wide world, COOL! Did you get any Easter eggs? Bonnie said I was being silly and a bit greedy but I ate mine all in one go; my tummy was near to bursting with chocolate!

Billy Bear's Easter Egg

Billy Bear’s Easter Egg

My favourite thing that I did this month was visit the Spring Farmyard with Bonnie. There were lots of cute little ducklings, piglets, goats and even a donkey called Rolo. The rabbit called Butch was massive. Were you at Butlin’s for your Easter break? Maybe you saw him as well, he was quite hard to miss!

Spring Farmyard

Spring Farmyard

It was so sunny that I had a chocolate ice cream (with lots of sprinkles on top) from Scoop, it was yummy scrummy in my tummy, and a cool treat after playing so much football in the sunshine during Road to Wem-Billy! Afterwards I went to watch Bonnie in her Easter Bonnet Parade. I walked through the Skyline Pavilion and saw lots of colourful bonnets; I could tell that the boys and girls had worked very hard on decorating them in their arts and crafts session, I saw that they had also decorated some really great egg cups and mugs.

I got to watch the Diversity show in Centre Stage, which was so cool! I didn’t want to blink in case I missed something. The dance moves were great and the music was very catchy. I had to try very hard not to jump out of my chair and join in, especially when all the boys and girls from the Diversity Academy got up on stage, they were great too.



 Just writing about all the great things I’ve been up to this month is making me feel very excited for all the great adventures I will be part of in May, I cannot wait! I hope to make as many new friends as I have done this month, especially now the sun is shining. I would love to hear what you got up to over Easter! Ask your Mummy or Daddy to leave me a message on the Butlin’s Facebook page or you could send me a letter!

See you soon,

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