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Guide to Surviving SATs!

Each year, we all get excited that summer is coming and slowly, but surely, the winter is slipping away from us. However, this time of year can also mean lots of revision, stress and worry about exams. Whether they are GCSE’s, A Levels, Dissertations or in fact the ones people tend to forget about: SATs!

I still remember taking my KS2 SATs in Year 6 at school – walking into the school hall and being seated at my very own table where they had placed one of those jazzy pens that had the triangle foam cover on to help you hold it better and allow you to do your best joined up handwriting. I remember one of the questions in the English paper about the ‘One for Sorrow’ nursery rhyme and feeling on top of the world when I had remembered that six was for gold! But, most of all I remember being allowed to take a ‘good luck charm’ in with me! I took a treasured paperweight with a shell embedded in it that my Nan had given me and my scruffy old teddy ‘Ted’, which only had one eye.

So, to help the little ones and you adults with the stress of SATs here’s a few tips!


Don’t forget the Lucky Charm!

Looking back this was a great distraction from the idea that these tests could be stressful and comparing lucky charms amongst peers, took away the conversations of what these tests meant for us when we went to ‘big school’. If you have visited us before, your little one might have a Billy Bear teddy – perfect as a comforter and good luck charm.

Billy Bear Teddy

Billy Bear Teddy

Keep To Routine

Keeping to routine not only helps with sleep, but also makes it easier to dilute any feelings of stress or nervousness. So keep going with the after school clubs and usual activities. It goes without saying that this goes hand in hand with all the things you have heard 100 times, such as the positive effects of breakfast, exercise and a good healthy dinner!

Wave Bed

Wave Bed

Get Crafty

Craft Materials

Craft Materials

Getting crafty is a great way to relieve stress for both kids and adults – so why not get all arty with the kids to keep stress levels down? Here are some great crafty games on our Pinterest and here is a video of how to make Halloween slime which actually can be made any time of the year! Shhh don’t tell Halloween!

Go To the Beach

With beautiful sights, soothing sounds and refreshing salty air the beach has lots to offer. As well as a natural stress reducer it’s a great place to catch a bit of sun, play some sports or a great family day out. Click here to see more benefits of going to the beach.

Go to the Beach

Go to the Beach

Play Question Games

Help your kids revise without them even realizing by playing mental math and spelling games on the way home from school or a family trip. Think back to your times tables and what kind of words have been in their spelling tests.

There are also a wealth of websites and apps to help make revision fun. BBC Bitesize is great for this.

You could also help your child write for different purposes, maybe a letter to their favourite UK resort 😉 *hint hint* or even a set of instructions on how to make a sandwich. You could then follow the instructions word for word so they can visually see a result of their work!

Post SATs Treat

Finally, why not get your little one a well-deserved treat to say well done for all their hard work. We know a great place, where the whole family can have loads of fun! Click here to find out more!



If you want to find out a little more information on what SATs are, how they are monitored and even more tips on how to survive them, why not check out this great article on Mumsnet.


Good Luck to everyone taking exams this term!