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All the Fun of the Fairground at Butlin’s this Summer

There’s so many things to do when you’re beside the seaside for the summer and the Traditional Fairground at Butlin’s is at the top of our to-do list!

From Traditional Carousels, to Helter Skelters and of course Billy’s favourite, the Dodgems, there’s something for everyone! Our team have been working hard to make sure all three resorts are ready for the #SummerofButlins and our Fairgrounds play a big part in the preparations.

Butlin's Minehead Fairground

The Fairground at Butlin’s Minehead

With the Butlin’s Fairground being one our main attractions on resort it’s important that we take good care of them. Our Fairground team have been busy checking that all our rides are ready to go so you can enjoy them as many times as you like.

Each resort has an outdoor Traditional Fairground for older children and a specially designed Tots Fairground for your little ones. Our Tots Fairgrounds are great for under 5s and allows your little ones to join in on the fun too.

“They loved the fairground especially the Little Stars Fairground and the amusements in the Skyline Pavilion.” – Jools, Butlin’s Skegness, 2014


The Chair-o-planes at Minehead

We know that spending time as a family is really important especially during the school holidays. The Fairground allows parents to share memories with their children thanks to our traditional rides and amusements.

We’re so excited for you to join us for the #SummerofButlins where the Fairground awaits…