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The Taste of Summer: New Firehouse BBQ Summer Menu

There’s a rule in our house this summer that if we are at home all weekend, on one of the days we will have a barbecue.

I’m not sure about you, but I really think there’s something about food cooked on a barbecue that makes it extra special. And if you can enjoy it on a warm summer’s day, so much the better.

As long as it has that authentic flame-grilled barbecue taste I’m not going to turn down a great burger, a plump sausage or a tasty skewer. And if you like barbecue food as much as me and my family, then you’ll be delighted to know that we have introduced a Great British BBQ menu to our Firehouse restaurant in Skegness.

The menu has been specially designed for families to share a wide choice of tasty lip-smacking dishes all roasted to perfection on our flame grill.

There are five different types of burger, as well a bacon steak, salmon and a salt and pepper beef skewer (and of course some delicious veggie options, too).

If you haven’t tasted slow-cooked beef brisket then I can highly recommend that, and the menu also offers slow-roasted chicken, slow-cooked pork shoulder, and a good BBQ classic; rack of ribs.

Rack of Ribs

Rack of Ribs

There’s also extras like Hickory smoked mash, cheesy corn on the cob, and fresh homemade coleslaw for something a little special on the side.

The decor and experience has been designed to bring the outside inside with a fun outdoor BBQ theme throughout as well as lots of great family seating including special booths and quirky tables and chairs.

Best of all though, is that you’re encouraged to eat your dish the way it’s meant to be eaten and get messy in the process! There are bibs and wipes galore at your disposal for the stickiest of hands and faces!

Get your taste buds going before you visit Firehouse, download our sample menu here (or click here for our sample children’s menu).

Andrew French