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The Taste of Summer: DIY Knickerbocker Glory

There’s only one place to go this summer to find the very best British ice-cream: Scoop!

You can find our Scoop ice-cream parlours at each of our three seaside resorts, all packed to the brim with adventurous flavours, plenty of toppings and lashings of sauce!

We popped along to our Minehead Scoop to get a crash course in making a super simple Knickerbocker Glory, perfect for summer. Take a look at our DIY video so you can make your own, too!

Here’s how to make your own Knickerbocker Glory in 6 simple steps

You’ll need:

– A Knickerbocker Glory glass

– Some yummy fresh fruit

– Your favourite ice-cream

– Some sauce

– Whipped cream

– Sprinkles

– Wafers



Step 1 – Chop up your fruit and add it to your glass

Step 2 – Pour on your sauce (don’t scrimp!)

Step 3 – Throw in a couple of scoops of your favourite ice-cream

Step 4 – Top with lots of whipped cream

Step 5 – Add your sprinkles

Step 6 – Pop in your wafers (Flakes work just as well!)


And there you have it! A yummy, indulgent Knickerbocker Glory using your favourite ingredients, in 6 super simple steps!

If you’re giving it a go yourself this summer don’t forget to send us photos of your DIY ice-creams! Head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and use the hashtag #SummerofButlins.