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The Great Outdoors Games: I Went to Butlin’s…

This week we’re celebrating everything outdoors. The first thing that comes to mind when enjoying the great outdoors for us at Butlin’s is games!

Whether you’re building a den, playing ‘it’ or making mud pies there’s always something to do. We thought we’d give you some inspiration with one of our favourite outdoor games…

I Went to Butlin’s…

How to play: Everyone starts with the sentence ‘I went to Butlin’s and I packed in my suitcase…’ and then adds an item they would pack in to their suitcase eg: a pair of swimming trunks or a sun hat.

As you go around the players, each person has to add their own item to the end of the list and recite the long list of items.

The game continues until someone can’t remember all the items. If you’re already at one of our resorts you can start the game with something you’ve seen on your break, like ‘I went to Butlin’s and I saw… the Big Top Circus‘.

Bognor Regis

Family at Butlin’s Bognor Regis

This game is perfect for playing indoors and outdoors (especially on long car journeys).

What are your favourite outdoor games to play over the summer holidays? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to see photos of you and your family playing them too! Make sure you use #SummerofButlins when you share them with us!

Maria 🙂