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The Great Outdoors: Enjoy the Fresh Air at Butlin’s

There is definitely something about the air beside the seaside.

Maybe it’s because it picks up some of the scent of the sea, or because you are generally away from the big industrial centres with their smog and fumes. Whatever it is, the air feels fresher by the sea.

And that’s what makes being at one of resorts even more enjoyable. There is loads to do all day long – and as you enjoy it, you can fill your lungs with that sea air.

I’ve got a favourite way of enjoying that wonderful fresh air at each of our three resorts….

In Minehead, it has to be with a stroll through the gardens and around the lakes in our wonderful new West Lakes Village. When we undertook research with Mumsnet regarding what we should include in the new development, green spaces was an essential – not only for their aesthetics, but also because it gives children a place to play and make new friends.

The gardens around West Lakes are beautifully maintained, and as you wander around them you can often hear the sound of the fountains in the lakes – or even the ‘puff puff’ of the steam trains on the Great Western Railway.

West Lakes Village in Minehead

West Lakes Village in Minehead

When I take the family to Skegness, they always want to have some pictures taken and explore the ‘giant beach’ which is just next to the entrance to the real beach.

It’s a huge space which houses oversized versions of things like a bucket and spade, sandcastle, beach ball and even a parasol. If you’ve not visited it before, make sure you do next time you’re in Skegness as it makes for great photos.

Giant Beach in Skegness

Giant Beach in Skegness

In our Bognor Regis resort, I have very fond memories of my two boys enjoying Billy Bear’s Garden, which is adjacent to the Shoreline Hotel. It was where we stayed on our first visit to the resort when my youngest was still a baby – both of them loved the outdoor space and the chance to explore, and it’s somewhere I’d really recommend for our younger guests.


Shoreline overlooking Billy Bear’s Garden in Bognor Regis

A visit to the beach is always an essential when you come to any Butlin’s resorts, but make the time to find those outdoor spaces inside the resort that offer your family the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Andrew French