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Halloween How To: Make A Ghost Costume!

We really hope you enjoyed trying out our Cunning Cat costume in our last blog post! Our resorts at Butlins are undergoing a Halloween transformation to really get into the spooky spirit- we hope you are looking forward to Halloween as much as we are!

Keeping¬†with our chilling Halloween theme today we offer you a chance to transform yourself into a ghastly ghost…

Ghost Costume

And a few of our favourite howlers to put a smile on your face…

Why are ghosts so bad at lying?
Because you can see right through them!

What do ghosts eat for supper?

Whats a ghosts favourite desert?


We would love to see your creepy creations so why not send us a picture? Post them on our facebook page or tweet us @Butlins!

Happy Halloween!


Charlie Gower

Charlie Gower

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