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Butlin’s wins Bognor in Bloom!

Here at Butlin’s we pride ourselves on how we look on the outside just as much as on the inside. Our grounds and maintenance team certainly aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and it shows through the hard work they put into keeping our gardens gleaming!

The Bognor in Bloom awards is all about the how the local community can improve the environment. After last year’s success we once again entered the best commercial frontage category. We were up against a number of other local attractions and commercial buildings in the area and are so proud to say we received the gold award! This is ultimately down to the hard work and dedication our team put into the grounds throughout the year and what an excellent job they do!

Bognor in Bloom

Bognor in Bloom

To achieve this award we had to maintain our main entrance display all year round, keeping the flowers eye catching to our guests and passersby! The team planted as many as 950 summer bedding plants which consisted of Dragon Wing Begonia’s, Geraniums and Petunia’s to name a few. The judges then came and judged us on an unscheduled day which meant we had no idea when to expect them! We therefore maintained our quality displays throughout the summer – as we always do!

The award ceremony was hosted at our very own Shoreline Conference Centre on resort. Approximately 130 representatives attended from a number of local businesses and organisations across 12 categories. The evening was a great success and resulted in Butlins winning gold award in the commercial frontage category!

So all of that hard work put in over summer really has paid off…

A massive congratulations to the whole team, keep up the good work!