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Halloween How To: Carve A Pumpkin

Halloween is not Halloween without a pumpkin!

Also known as a Jack-O-Lantern, a carved pumpkin has been a Halloween tradition dating back to the 17th century. Back in those days, Jack-O-Lantern meant ‘man with a lantern’ and this resembled a night watchman. After carving in a scary face and placing a lit candle inside, people use them to scare off the Halloween ghouls and monsters!

Our team on our Bognor Regis resort have created some great pumpkin carvings! Here are a selection of my favourite:



To help you carve the perfect pumpkin, we have got a video to guide you through!


We would love to see your spooktacular pumpkins, so please send us a picture! You can post it on our Facebook wall or tweet us @Butlins!

Happy Halloween,