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Halloween How To: Make Spooky Slime

Halloween has finally arrived but fear not, you still have time to get your hands dirty with our gruesome spooky slime! Perfect for a prank on your parents or to amaze your friends at a party- and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

To make your Halloween slime, you will need:

Laundry Starch
PVA Glue
Acrylic Paint – Colour of your choice

Check out this video for easy to follow step by step instructions!

I will certainly be making some slime to scare my family with later tonight!

We hope you have really enjoyed our Halloween How To’s. It’s been great fun giving you some freakish ideas from monster muffins to cat costumes and even some petrifying pumpkin ideas!

Whatever your plans are for tonight whether they be trick or treating, partying, or even staying in to have a spooky film night be sure to stay safe and have lots of fun!

If you have fun making our spooky slime or any other of our Halloween treats be sure to share them with us @Butlins!

See you soon,