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How to capture your #RealFamilyMoments

Have you ever looked back through the photos on your phone and wished you’d spent more time living in the moment rather than spending wasted minutes taking that dark and definitely-not-print-worthy photo? Have you ever just wished someone had been around to capture the wonderful moment you just had? Yes, me too. And the good news is we’re not alone.

Sam Hussein capturing special family moments at Butlins during summer

With each photo we snap taking on average four takes and over four minutes to perfect, it’s no wonder that we’re wasting those special moments we’re desperately trying to capture, instead of actually enjoying them.

To make matters worse, 1 in 10 of us admit to taking over 50 photos a day on a typical break. Now I’m no mathematical expert but even I know that’s A LOT of time we’re wasting, especially when it’s likely that these photos are just abandoned and left to eat up the storage on our smartphones.

With 66% of us admitting that we care about what others think of what we share on our social channels, it’s obvious that this social craze has become a particular pressure when it comes to taking the right photograph. Social sharing is something we can all identify with; whether it’s picking the right Instagram filter or uploading in bulk to Facebook, let’s be honest, we all love posting our photos on social media and receiving those glorious ‘like’ notifications.

So how can we get better at taking photos and saving our precious time, we hear you cry! Here’s how…

Sam Hussein capturing special family moments at Butlins during summer

This summer Butlin’s is championing quality over quantity. We want you to stop taking photos that have no real meaning to you and start living in the moment. We want you to capture and share the photographs that show something real about your family. Remember a couple of weeks ago we blogged about baby Willow and encouraging those family moments of true happiness? Well these are the moments we mean. Real family moments.

Back in the 1940s, Sir Billy Butlin introduced roving photographers to his resorts with the aim of capturing and preserving ‘the carefree happy atmosphere’ his guests experienced on holiday. So we’re bringing this back to Butlin’s for summer 2016 with the help of a new generation of roving photographers across our three seaside resorts. And these are no ordinary photographers.

Photography at Skegness | Butlins Heritage

Our Butlin’s photographers have been capturing happy moments since the 1930s!

Trained by Royal photographer Samir Hussein, best known for capturing natural photos of Will, Kate and their two little ones, our on-resort roving photographers have been trained in the principles of natural family photography. On a mission this summer, our photographers will be out and about on resort from July 30th identifying families in the midst of a special moment. Whether that’s laughing, talking or playing, they’ll be snapping up moments for families to keep.

Samir said, “almost one in ten [families] also want help to take fewer but better photos to free them up so parents can put down the camera and spend time with their children and I’m delighted Butlin’s are championing this approach”.

Sam Hussein training Butlins photographers in the principles of natural family photography

Samir Hussein training our Butlin’s photographers using a model family in the principles of natural family photography

Although our roving photographers are only on resort during summer, we know that capturing special moments is something we do all year round; from sandy beaches to cosy Christmas pictures we’re always looking for the perfect opportunity to snap up some memories.

So that you can take great family photos this summer and all year round, Samir Hussein has shared his top do’s and don’ts of natural family photography to help you quickly and easily capture your special moments, freeing up time so you can live in the moment and enjoy it.

Samir Hussein Dos and Donts Infographic | Butlins Blog

With our statistics now firmly planted in your mind and Samir Hussein’s recently shared knowledge, it’s time to put your learnings into action and have a go at snapping your precious family moments. We’d love to see your photos so share them with us using #RealFamilyMoments on Twitter, Facebook or tag us in your photos on Instagram.

You can also send your photos in for a chance to win a break to Butlin’s this October Half Term. Find out more about our competition here.

All research mentioned throughout this blog was found through a survey of 2,000 UK parents conducted by OnePoll between 6th July and 15th July 2016.

Clare McAuley