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Happy snapping – it’s World Photo Day!

It’s the 19th August which means its World Photo Day! Today marks the annual celebration of our passion for photography and that glorious piece of technology that’s allowed us to practice this passion since the 1800s. From the type to the technique to the workings of the camera itself, we’ve developed many ways for us to take a photograph but the purpose has always remained the same: to capture and preserve a moment in time.

Skegness Postcard | Butlins

The aim of World Photo Day isn’t just another excuse for us to celebrate something some of us enjoy, a bit like National Doughnut Day or World Chocolate Day (not that we ever need excuses to celebrate those!). But the purpose was to start a global gallery of photographs taken around the world by people who want to share their world with the world.*

For some of us, it might just be a reason to spend some time looking back over old photographs remembering a moment in time we’d forgotten; triggering a feeling, a sentence said, or maybe even a smell.

For the team at Butlin’s Support Centre, the latter was more befitting so we spent today soaking up another opportunity for us to rummage through our archive and ponder over some of the beautiful books lined up on our shelves. Amongst all of the amazing photography in our archive, one photographer really sprung to mind for us; John Hinde.

Butlins Ayr Postcard | John Hinde Ltd

Butlin’s Ayr © John Hinde Ltd

Renowned for his postcard photography, John Hinde’s work is notably vibrant and colourful. During the late 60s and early 70s, Hinde created a series of stunning postcards using photography taken on the Butlin’s resorts, which at the time were thriving with holiday makers enjoying the ‘hi-de-hi’ culture and bargain packages.

The postcards were sold on resorts to guests wanting to share their holiday moments, and we can only imagine where they went and whose doorsteps they landed on!

Whether it’s used to inform our guests or excite them, photography has always played an important role at Butlin’s. Throughout the years photography has captured how our accommodation has evolved from bed and basin rooms to seaside apartments, it’s enabled us to capture how we’ve developed our entertainment from singers to Diversity Dance Academies, where to dine from buffet halls to a selection of family-orientated restaurants. Honestly, I really could keep going with this list…

Skegness Postcard | Butlins

But beyond this and most importantly, photography has enabled us and every family to have ever roamed our resorts to capture their special moments. And to mark this, we’ve had roving photographers on our three seaside resorts this summer capturing your real family moments. In case your camera skills aren’t as snappy as you’d like, take a look at how to capture your #RealFamilyMoments with Samir Hussein’s top tips.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had so many brilliant and beautiful #RealFamilyMoments sent to us on social media. Above anything they serve to remind us of how important quality family time is, and how wonderful it is to capture those true moments of happiness in a photograph.

* References taken from http://worldphotoday.com/about

Clare McAuley