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5 Christmas must-dos to get your family in the spirit

Today marks the start of our first Christmas break of 2016 at our three resorts. This also means we’re only 16 sleeps away from the most magical day of the year, yay!

By now you’ll probably be getting into the festive spirit; you may have had your first mince pie of the year, attempted the sky high notes of Maria Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (guilty!) Or maybe you’ve already decorated your Christmas tree and are sat silently admiring your creative perfection.

Whatever traditions get you in the Christmas spirit, we’ve got some lovely ways to get your mini-me’s feeling all sparkly and Christmassy inside too. Tick them off the list together to ensure your whole family are ready and excited for the big day.

Christmas tree. Image taken from static.pexels.com | Butlins blog

1. Write a letter to Father Christmas

What do your children want for Christmas this year? A bike, clothes, new games, a Skyline Gang doll? Whatever they’re dreaming of, make sure they write it in a letter to Father Christmas. It’ll get their imaginations whirling as well as giving you a bit of a hand with present ideas.

You could even write one too and send it in the post to the North Pole together; it’s the perfect way to keep the magic of Christmas alive!

We’ve even got a specially designed Santa-approved letter ready for you to print out and use.

Father Christmas Letter

Download and print me!

2. Locate the Christmas jumpers

There’s something really comforting about cosy-ing up in your Christmas jumper, especially when your whole family are doing it together.

Whether you’ve gone for typically tacky or full of glamour, December is the only (acceptable) time you’re allowed to wear a Christmas jumper, so what are you waiting for? Dig out the family’s jumpers and wear them proud.

For me, there’s no judgement in matching (or more appropriately, mismatching) Christmas jumpers with whatever you fancy wearing so why not let your little ones choose their ensemble; you never know, Christmas snowflakes and those zebra leggings might look simply fabulous!

3. Write Christmas cards to your best friends

At this time of year, lots of love and well wishes are sent to family and friends. You probably have a ton of cards to write and post so get your children involved and ask them to write a few Christmas cards to their friends too.

It’s a lovely way to spend a cold and frosty afternoon, and it’ll give you all a chance to spread a little love this Christmas.

Christmas cards. Image taken from Unsplash.com | Butlins blog

4. Watch your favourite Christmas films together

This is quite possibly the ULTIMATE way to prepare for the festivities. Nothing says Christmas more than watching Cindy Lou Who save Mr Grinch from ruining Christmas, right?

Ask your family to share their favourite Christmas films and find the time to sit down over the next two weeks and watch them all together. You’re guaranteed to end up with an array of brilliant films that are sure to get you in the mood. Plus it’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to the classics like ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘Miracle of 34th Street’. Can you think of any others?

Better yet, grab some treats and snuggle up on the sofa in your Christmas jumpers! Ooh I can’t wait!

Christmas treats. Image taken from static.pexels.com | Butlins blog

5. Make some reindeer food and sprinkle it on Christmas Eve

A couple of days before Christmas, spend some quality time with your little ones and get festive by making some reindeer food.

Step 1: Mix some oats with glitter

Step 2: Put it inside a little bag or container that makes it easy for your children to sprinkle

Then on Christmas Eve, head outside with the family and spread the dust in the garden or outside the front door so the reindeer can spot the glitter when they’re flying Santa’s sleigh and they’ll know to stop at your house.

It’s super easy to do and will have a truly magical effect on your littl’uns as they head to bed for the last sleep before Christmas.

Christmas reindeer. Image taken from Unsplash.com | Butlins blog

So get the countdown going and enjoy the run up to Christmas. Let us know how you get on making your reindeer food, or what mixture of films you plan to watch as a family.

Do you have any other family traditions guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit? If so, let us know by tweeting us, sending us a snap or commenting on our wall. We’d love to hear about them!

Clare McAuley