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It’s Memory Day: Our top 10 favourite memories sent in by you!

Happy Memory Day! Today is a day to celebrate the wonderful gift of memory. Whether its a smell, a sound, a taste, a place, or maybe a person, there are hundreds of things that trigger memories; transporting us back to a moment in the past, for whatever reason that may be.

To commemorate Memory Day, last week we asked you to send us photos of your favourite Butlin’s memories. We received lots of lovely photos and the story behind them of family holidays, adventures on resort, fun at the beach, relaxation time, and more! As difficult as it was, we’ve picked our top ten favourite memories sent in by you, so here they are in no particular order…

Fun at the fair

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, there’s always so much to do at Butlin’s! If you’re not eating, watching a show, or relaxing in your accommodation, our indoor funfair and play areas are the perfect place to let your little ones seek some thrills and even make some new friends along the way. A day of face painting and riding the tea cups sounds great to us!

Memory Day | Indoor Funfair at Butlin's | Shared by June Savins | Butlin's Blog

Shared by June Savins

You can’t possibly miss our famous Helter Skelter that stands tall in our Fairgrounds on each resort. Lisa Hewison shared this sunny photo; we just love the size of your smiles!

Memory Day | Fairground at Butlin's | Shared by Lisa Hewison | Butlin's Blog

“So difficult to choose just one picture! We went to Bognor Regis last Easter and had a great time, sooo much to do, just not enough hours in the day!” Shared by Lisa Hewison

Splash Waterworld

You can’t come to Butlin’s and not make a splash in our sub-tropical water park, right? This lovely photo of her children enjoying Splash Waterworld at Minehead last year was sent in by Joylindsey Mahoney. So cute!

Memory Day | Splash Waterworld at Butlin's | Shared by Joylindsey Mahoney | Butlin's Blog

“My kids loved Butlin’s and cried when we left! The best first family holiday I could have wished for!” Shared by Joylindsey Mahoney

Cosy Accommodation

Our New Style Chalets at Minehead are perfectly set in landscaped gardens and beside two lakes. They’re ideal for families wanting lots of space to play and relax, and what’s more there’s a lovely view to admire. Clearly, this little tot is having a great time watching the ducks, happy birthday to you!

Memory Day | Minehead Chalets at Butlin's | Shared by Sadie Stirland | Butlin's Blog

“Our little boy loves our annual visit to Butlin’s Minehead for his birthday. Can’t wait for our stay next month in the same lakeside apartment. We love waking up to feed the ducks each day.” Sadie Stirland

Family Activities

One of the best things about going on holiday is having the time to enjoy new activities. During our Arts & Crafts sessions, your children can get their creative juices flowing without you having to worry about the cleaning up! We love this photo of Iris, her holiday keepsake and her favourite Redcoat Olivia.

Memory Day | Arts and Crafts at Butlin's | Shared by Rachel Woj | Butlin's Blog

“The first thing Iris wants to do each year we visit Butlin’s is go and find her favourite Redcoat Olivia!” Shared by Rachel Woj

We all need a bit of chill time on holiday, especially after a long day of adventurous endeavours around resort! Claire Bolton shared this gorgeous photo of her little one enjoying the Silent Cinema; we wonder what film you watched…

Memory Day | Silent Cinema at Butlin's | Shared by Claire Bolton | Butlin's Blog

“My little boy loved it!” Shared by Claire Bolton

Blue skies, shorts and the beach! A perfect summer’s day. Kim Blackshaw shared this photo of her boys enjoying the Butlin’s beach area at Skegness during August last year. We spot a mischievous Dude too…

Memory Day | Beach area at Butlin's | Shared by Kim Blackshaw | Butlin's Blog

Shared by Kim Blackshaw

The Skyline Gang

Part of our amazing line up of entertainment at our three resorts is the lovable Butlin’s Skyline Gang. With two brand new shows for 2017 and a whole heap of cool things to buy including rag dolls and costumes, it’s no wonder Rosanna Stone has her very own mini Skyline Gang! What a precious memory!

Memory Day | The Skyline Gang at Butlin's | Shared by Rosanna Stone | Butlin's Blog

“My twins and their younger cousins. They are Skyline Gang mad! Their favourite place to be is Butlin’s and they have been every year since they were 2. They’re now 7 and are already counting down to their summer holiday to Butlin’s!” Rosanna Stone

I love Butlin’s!

We love nothing more than seeing smiles on our guests faces! Margaret Watkins shared this lovely photo of her daughter Jessica showing off her I Love Butlin’s wrist bands during her 6th trip to Butlin’s. How fabulous do they look!

Memory Day | Butlin's wristbands at Butlin's | Shared by Margaret Watkins | Butlin's Blog

“Our 6th year in a row visiting Butlin’s. and as you can see my daughter Jessica, loves Butlin’s! We can’t wait for August to go back!” Margaret Watkins

Christmas at Butlin’s

It might seem a while away now, but Christmas breaks at Butlin’s are full of magical festivities and a chance to create some beautiful winter memories. From meeting Father Christmas to joining the Skyline Gang for a Christmas party, our December breaks are sure to get you and your family in the spirit. Maddy Matthews-Williams shared this sweet memory of her family on their Christmas break and honeymoon – congratulations!

Memory Day | Christmas at Butlin's | Shared by Maddy Matthews-Williams | Butlin's Blog

“This is me, my husband and our daughter. We spent Christmas at Butlin’s for our honeymoon in December.” Shared by Maddy Matthews-Williams

Thank you to everyone who got involved and sent us their wonderful photos! We’re so delighted to see so many of you making lasting family memories at Butlin’s. Don’t forget to continue sharing them with us throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Clare McAuley