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We’ve taken home Gold: Mumsnet Family Friendly Awards

At Butlin’s, we pride ourselves on being a family friendly brand, so there is nothing better than when someone else confirms it!

Recently, Butlin’s was awarded Gold Family Friendly status by the highly-respected parenting website, Mumsnet. It’s their highest award and we’re so proud to say that we’ve achieved Gold status every year since we joined the scheme in 2012. Wow!

Butlin's winners of the Mumsnet Family Friendly Awards 2017 | Butlins Blog

The Mumsnet Family Friendly scheme doesn’t only rate what we do on resorts but also how we perform as an employer. So basically they’re making sure we can walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

Over the course of the year, we’re judged by Mumsnet on number of different internal areas including policies, training, promotion and premises. As well as external areas including customer service, marketing, and value for money.

Mumsnet create a survey which members of our team complete, and they also send ‘mystery shoppers’ to our resorts, as well as sending surveys to guests who have recently been on breaks. All that data is then examined and collated, and we’re given one of three awards: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

To achieve Gold, Mumsnet state that “a company must have innovative policies in place for staff including enhanced benefits and practical approaches to ensure those policies are having an impact at all levels”.

Our on resort ratings showed that 90% of responses said Butlin’s “welcome children in a friendly way on resort” while 75% scored Butlin’s resort team as “very family friendly”, which is the highest rating available. Impressively, 100% of guests who were surveyed said they felt safe on our resorts.

Butlin's winners of the Mumsnet Family Friendly Awards 2017 | Butlins Blog

Some of our favourite comments left by guests were:

“It’s affordable, and you get a LOT for your money”

“Amazing activities during the Tots break, the safeness and the happiness of the team members”

“The new chalets at Minehead are absolutely fantastic”

“My son has Down’s Syndrome and Butlin’s is a place that he can have more independence than anywhere else as it is safe and familiar to him”

“I love the way the Redcoats chat to the children, dance with the kids and sit with them to watch the shows. It’s so hear warming and really makes the children and their families feel welcome”

Carrie Longton, co-founder of Mumsnet, said: “Achieving a Gold Mumsnet Family Friendly award is no mean feat. Retaining Gold is even harder, so huge congratulations to Butlin’s for winning Gold for the third time!”

“Mumsnet users were consistently impressed with the welcome they and their children were given, and the sense that their enjoyment of their holiday really mattered to everyone who worked at the Butlin’s resorts. Company policies – relating both to team and customers – are obviously important and contribute to the Gold score, but so often what Mumsnet testers pick up on are the small things that demonstrate that family friendliness is becoming engrained into the company DNA. The spontaneous kindness of a Redcoat, someone saying hello, or remembering your name, holding a door or just making sure your little one is having fun whatever the weather! That’s what brings a Silver score to a Gold.”

Butlin's winners of the Mumsnet Family Friendly Awards 2017 | Butlins Blog

“And then there’s maintaining Gold.  This sounds like it should be simple but whether it’s making sure the toilets are always clean or ensuring the welcome is genuine and the entertainment experience top notch, there is no room for complacency.  It’s all about communication and communal effort within a company.  Every member of Butlin’s team from cleaners to MD should be proud of their Gold family friendly status and aware of their role in keeping the Gold standard going for another year.”

Clare McAuley