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10 essentials you need to take on your picnics this summer

Happy Picnic Day!

In the UK, today marks the day to celebrate everything that’s great about picnicking. It’s a day for all those outdoor adventurers and finger food fiends to head outside and enjoy lunch in the sun. So grab your blanket and get ready because we’ve got 10 essential things you must remember to take on your picnics this summer.


1. Finger Food

The star of the show: lots of delicious finger food that’s easy to prepare and easy to eat. How about finger sandwiches with a few different fillings, especially if there’s fussy taste buds in the family, crisps, mini sausage rolls, pots of salad, crackers and cheese…

Don’t forget some treats too. If you’re taking a cool box, what about yogurts for the little ones, or pre-prepared pots of fruit? Frozen grapes make a delicious sweet treat that’s healthy too!

2. Lots of drinking water

If you’re planning to be out and about for a long period of time, especially in warm weather, ensure you’ve got enough water for everyone for the whole afternoon. What with the children more than likely to be playing games too, they’re sure to work up a sweat!

3. Plastic or paper crockery and utensils

Paper or washable plastic plates, bowls, cups, cutlery and a bottle opener …one of the sneaky cutlery drawer items we’re all likely to forget!

4. Ties and Tupperware

If you’ve brought share packets of food that might not get finished, take some ties, tupperware or pegs with you to seal them… the last thing you want to do is invite the ants to your picnic party!

National Picnic Day | 10 essentials to take on your summer picnics | Butlins Blog | stock imagery from Pixabay

5. A couple of blankets

It may sound silly and really obvious but I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve only brought one blanket with me and ended up half on the grass.

Take as many as you can and spread out; creating a space for yourselves so that everyone has room to relax and unwind makes a perfect picnic!

6. Pillows

Not the first item that comes to mind when you think of the word picnic, I know. But are you familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of using a rucksack as a pillow? Or maybe Mum and Dad as a human pillow? Small garden cushions can change your nice picnic into a delightful afternoon of relaxation. It’ll make all the difference to you and your family when someone fancies a little lie down.

7. Sun cream and sun protection

Sun cream is an obvious one but easily forgotten in a mad rush to get out of the door. Large beach-style umbrellas are a simple and easy way to provide shade for you and your children if you’re out in the open, or not close enough to gain a bit of shelter from the trees. Sunglasses and hats, too.

National Picnic Day | 10 essentials to take on your summer picnics | Butlins Blog | stock imagery from Pixabay

8. Activities

For us adults, the idea of sitting on the grass outside eating some yummy food might be enough, but for children that are full of beans, they’ll want something extra to do. Bring a Frisbee or balls, rackets or bats and set up some sports that everyone can join in on. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy family competition, is there?

9. Wipes and gels

After the feast is over, there’s bound to be some sticky hands. Hand wipes and anti-bacterial gel are a definite essential. And don’t forget some tissues, especially with it being hay fever season!

10. Clean up

Your local park or picnicking spot will be working hard to maintain its beauty so that you can enjoy your picnics. Take a spare plastic bag to put all your rubbish in throughout your stay, and dispose of all items correctly as you leave.

Enjoy your family picnics this summer and don’t forget to send us your lovely snaps on Facebook, Twitter or by tagging us on Instagram – we can’t wait to see!

Clare McAuley