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Our 10 favourite #SummerSelfies sent in by you!

Last week and in celebration of #NationalSelfieDay, we asked you to send us your favourite Butlin’s summer selfies, and we were delighted to see so many of you sharing your favourite holiday memories with us. Keep reading to see our chosen top 10 #SummerSelfies sent in by you.

If you’ve been keeping up with The Voice Kids and our sponsorship news, it’s quite likely that you’ll have seen the Butlin’s adverts that appear before and after the breaks during the show… and if you haven’t, then you ought to read last week’s blog for a sneaky behind-the-scenes! Out of all the adverts, one of my personal favourites is of course, the selfie. Take a look…


Selfies are one of the easiest ways to capture a special moment, especially when you’re on holiday with restless little ones. A quick selfie can turn into something physical that you can look at, print, frame and cherish. For the selfie taker, half the battle is angling the camera to fit everyone in, but if you do it right, they’re often the funniest, most natural and lovely ways to snap the moment. We took some time to look through the photos you sent in and managed to pick our top 10 #SummerSelfies, so in no particular order, here they are!

The beach selfie

We absolutely love this photo sent in by Tania Sidoli of her and her children enjoying the beautiful beach at Butlin’s.

Shared by Tania Sidoli

Shared by Tania Sidoli

The famous Butlin’s deckchair selfie

You can’t possibly go to Butlin’s and not squeeze the whole family onto one of our famous giant deckchairs for a photo, right? A job well done, Nicola!

Shared by Nicola Fenton

Shared by Nicola Fenton

The Diversity selfie

Having seen the dance group perform on her Butlin’s break, it’s no surprise Megan jumped in with the Diversity boys to snap a quick selfie! This is definitely one for the Instagram feed!

Shared by Megan DV

Shared by Megan

You can see Diversity performing in a brand new live show at Butlin’s from the end of July until the beginning of September. Check dates here.

The ‘we-can-definitely-all-fit-in’ selfie

A big thanks to Eliza for sharing this beautiful photo of her and her whole family. It’s great to see generations of families enjoying Butlin’s together. Just look at those smiles!

Eliza Bloomfield at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Eliza Bloomfield

The fairground selfie

It’s always a bit of a risk trying to snap a selfie on even the slowest of fairground rides, but clearly Ash has mastered this one. Just lovely!

Ash Fantastic at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Ash Fantastic

The whatever-the-weather selfie

We can never rely on the Great British summertime to bring us the sunny weather we’re all wishing for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be snap happy. We love that scarves and hoods up doesn’t stop mum Sonia and her boy from capturing their holiday memories!

Sonia Gehlcken at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Sonia Gehlcken

The evening selfie

We can tell by the colour of this photo that Samantha’s underneath the bright lights of Centre Stage or Reds enjoying our live entertainment. Great photo!

Samantha Walker at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Samantha Walker

The pit stop selfie

Whether it’s time for baby’s feed, you’re planning what to do next, waiting for a show to start or even just having a well deserved rest, there’s never a better time to capture those tiny but important family moments that last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing Karen!

Karen Hibbert at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Karen Hibbert

The food selfie

A popular choice of selfie… because what makes a better photo than food and smiles?! We love this cheeky photo sent in by Claire; we hope you enjoyed those ice creams and lollies!

Claire Rachel at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Claire Rachel

The any-where-any-time selfie

The best kind of selfie: spontaneous and sporadic. It doesn’t really matter where you are, even if it’s just walking back to your accommodation; always capture those funny family moments. How cute is this one!

Amanda Hill at Butlins | Summer Selfies | Butlins Blog

Shared by Amanda Hill

A massive thank you to everyone who sent in their lovely #SummerSelfies, we enjoyed looking at every single one. Continue to share your snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can see how you’re turning your summer into something special at Butlin’s!

Clare McAuley