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Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread recipe from Butlin’s Ludo’s Italian

Happy National Pizza Day!

What more of an excuse do you need to indulge in some doughy deliciousness? None, I tell you!

In celebration of this exciting day, our very own chef and team at Ludo’s Italian have shared their ever-so-moreish Tear ‘n’ Share Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread recipe. It’s simple to prepare, quick to cook and easy to eat.

If you’re having a night in with family and friends tonight or this weekend (or at any point throughout the year, in fact!), this yummy garlic pizza bread is ideal for whipping up as a starter or side dish so that everyone can tear off a piece and enjoy together.

It’s simple method also means your children can get involved.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get kneading!

National Pizza Day | Tear n Share Cheesy Garlic Break recipe from chefs at Butlin's Ludo's Italian | Butlins Blog

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You can find this scrumptious cheesy garlic bread with a side of red onion chutney on the menu at our Ludo’s Italian restaurants in Minehead and Skegness.

Perfect for families to relax and enjoy a meal together, Ludo’s adult’s and children’s menus offer a variety of traditional Italian-inspired dishes including pasta, pizza and sharing boards, as well as gelato for afters.

Let us know how your Tear ‘n’ Share Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread goes by sending us photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy National Pizza Day everyone!

Clare McAuley