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Your top seven seaside family favourites, as revealed by you

Holidays and days out at the seaside can be few and far between for some of us, especially when we’re caught up in busy urban life. But we know that when those special days happen, there are lots of traditions and activities families love to do.

How do we know? Why because we asked you, that’s how!

Across January, we ran seven Twitter polls asking you, our fellow coastal fans, to tell us what you love most about the seaside.

From nostalgic treats to favourite souvenirs, our polls took over 1600 public votes to reveal what makes your perfect day beside the sea, and here they are…

Butlin's seaside holidays | photo by Butlin's Ambassador Emma Easton | Butlins Blog

1. Your essential seaside item

We know that while it might be really exciting, the build up to going away with family, especially with young children, can be a bit of a marathon. With all the planning, the packing for multiple people, strategically loading the car, leaving on time and lots of other things on the check list, it’s easy to forget things.

For lots of families though, there’s always one essential item on the list that mustn’t be forgotten. Out of the 4 options on our poll, the highest by a long shot and therefore the most essential item on your list is the bucket and spade.

Well of course! How else would you build castles?

Butlin's seaside holidays | photo by @LeDudees | Butlins Blog

2. Your favourite game for the journey

Once you’ve hit the road and the excitement starts to simmer down, the inevitable and somewhat dreaded “are we there yet?”… “are we there yet?”… question begins.

You voted playing the game eye spy as your favourite family pass-time, followed closely by holiday song sing-alongs, including our very own Skyline Gang songs.

You told us another of the games you play, which we definitely recommend if you haven’t already played it, is who can spot the famous Skyline first. We really love this one because we all get that giddy feeling when we know we’re minutes away from Butlin’s and the holiday fun really is about the start!

3. Your favourite seaside treat

Whether it’s an elevensies snack, a lunch time stop off or a little sugar boost, a day at the seaside always calls for a delicious treat.

We weren’t surprised when you revealed to us that your favourite seaside treat is fish and chips, with ice cream up there as a winning snack, too.

Butlin's seaside holidays | Butlins Blog

4. Your favourite seaside activity

“Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside. Oh I do like to be beside the sea!” We couldn’t agree more! There’s so much to do and see when you’re visiting the British coast, from admiring famous landmarks to spending your pennies in the pier arcade.

When we asked you what your favourite thing to do at the seaside is, building sandcastles, a truly traditional beach activity was at the top, alongside going for a walk.

Sometimes one of the best things about getting away is simply being outside. Wandering without any time constraints and enjoying nature with your family, whatever the weather!

Butlin's seaside holidays | photo by Ambassador Medow Daisy| Butlins Blog

5. Your favourite way to spend your day

Day’s out at the seaside are often made up of adventures and relaxation. Whether our priorities are ducking from the rain or lazing outside, walking and exploring, or eating and drinking, there really are so many ways to enjoy your trip.

According to our poll results, no matter where you go along the British coast, visiting the beach is where you and your family spend most of your day. It’s good to know that even with our unreliable British weather, we’re not adverse to making the most of the fresh sea air.

You also told us that paddling in the sea with your children was a must-do.

Butlin's seaside holidays | photo by Butlin's Ambassador Jaime Oliver | Butlins Blog

 6. Your favourite type of beach

Pebble, sandy or shingle.

Each one has its own special qualities that we love. For me it’s wriggling round until you make the perfect body shape in the pebbles, or stone skipping.

But we can’t say we were surprised to see that sandy beaches are your favourite, especially when we see the sandy beach next to our Minehead resort in Somerset packed with happy families; it makes for the perfect space to spend your time building forts, castles and moats.

Butlin's seaside holidays | photo by Butlin's Ambassador Zena Goldman | Butlins Blog

7. Your favourite souvenir

You can’t go on holiday and not bring something back as a keepsake. It could be a postcard for a memory box or a bag of sea salt fudge; whatever takes our fancy it’s always nice to have a little something to remind us of our lovely family holiday, or to give to a loved one as a gift on your return.

Out of 147 votes, 43% of you told us that key rings and fridge magnets are your favourite souvenirs to buy. A couple of other items on your list include pin badge and shopping bags… All of which you can never have too many of, I say!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our Twitter polls. We loved seeing the results and learning more about you and your family’s seaside favourites.

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Clare McAuley