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The Judds go to Butlin’s on a Just For Tots break

Before the summer, we took Lola & Kit to Butlin’s to enjoy a Just for Tots break so I’ve written a few words about our trip to share our little break away with you.

Lola & I | Sir Billy's Fairground | Just For Tots| Butlins Blog

Lola & I | Sir Billy’s Fairground | Just For Tots| Butlins Blog

It was great to have a location that wasn’t too far to drive from London with two little people (car journeys are no longer the peaceful experience they used to be!) so we chose to stay at the Bognor Regis resort.

We were welcomed by very friendly and helpful staff and from the moment we arrived everything that could have been thought of to make our stay as easy as possible for under 5’s had been thought of.

We stayed in the Shoreline Hotel and had our own little apartment.

Harry & I had a separate bedroom and living area and Lola had her very own little cabin room with fun bunk beds that she couldn’t get enough of.

Meanwhile there was plenty of space for Kit to walk and crawl around safely, he is constantly on the move and keeping us very busy!

Lola & Kit in the Shoreline Hotel | Just For Tots | Butlin's Blog

Lola & Kit in the Shoreline Hotel | Just For Tots | Butlin’s Blog

Once we were settled into the room we decided to take a walk around the resort. Just for Tots is a break completely set up around activities that suit little ones, there is a guide with everything you can do and even an app so you can plan your visit. Being someone that loves to plan I made the most of organising our stay in advance.

It was such a beautiful day so we thought ice cream was the best place to start!

Lola, Kit & I | Scoop Ice Cream | Just For Tots | Butlin's Blog

Lola, Kit & I | Scoop Ice Cream | Just For Tots | Butlin’s Blog

Talking of food there was a great selection of restaurants to choose from that all had menus to suit the children as well as us. We particularly liked The Pub & Kitchen, the food was yummy and outside there was a playground which kept Lola entertained whilst waiting for our food to arrive. It’s these little things that make such a difference!

After a little nap, we took Lola to Pottery painting and after lots of thought she decided that the gingerbread man money box was going to win over the teddy bear. She also thought the “twinkly” paint was just the best!

We then decided it was only fair that Kit should have a little activity to enjoy too so next stop was the Little Tikes village for a push around the track with this happy boy. Meanwhile Lola spent the time filling the back of her little car with stones (the simple things toddlers do to keep themselves entertained!)

Kit & I | Little Tikes Town | Just For Tots | Butlin's Blog

Kit & I | Little Tikes Town | Just For Tots | Butlin’s Blog

The following morning Lola and I had some mummy daughter time whilst Kit and daddy had a morning nap (obviously both exhausted!)

We started with some Arts & Crafts, it was great to have all sorts of goodies to hand that we could stick and draw all over our butterfly. I really enjoyed having this one to one time with Lola who kept telling me that this was going to be for Gla gla (her granny) and how pretty the pompoms were “so pretty mummy”!

One of the highlights was watching the Mr Men and baby dinosaur show, two of Lola’s favourite things. She loved dancing along to the music and pointing out her favourite Mr Men character Mr Grumpy!

Mr. Men & Little Miss | Live Shows | Just For Tots | Butlin's Blog

Mr. Men & Little Miss | Live Shows | Just For Tots | Butlin’s Blog

Next stop the fairground, although I left Harry to it with the rides whilst I took Kit off to the indoor soft play. There are so many things you can do and choose from including an amazing water park, the activities are endless.

Until next time Butlin’s, thank you for having us to stay and to all those heading off on your break, I hope you have a great time and like us enjoy making happy family memories….

Farewell Butlin's | Just For Tots | Butlin's Blog

Farewell Butlin’s | Just For Tots | Butlin’s Blog