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Redcoat Micheala

Q is for Question Time

For today’s instalment of our A-Z blogging challenge, we have decided to do a question time, and who better than our longest serving Redcoat! Hello Redcoat…

Playdoh Live

P is for Play-Doh

If you stayed with us at our Bognor Regis resort over the Easter break, then you may have already been lucky enough to see our brand…

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K is for Kid’s Clubs

We understand that the very best things about holidays are making brand new friends and doing things that you may have never done before! Club Red is…

Butlins Minehead 2015 Redcoats

30 Seconds With Redcoat Kayla

Last week in our ‘30 Seconds With’ series we heard from Redcoat Ellen in Skegness. Originally from Manchester and just starting her adventure with Butlins! This…

Butlins Skegness 2015 Redcoats

30 seconds with Redcoat Zoe

Earlier this month I had the chance to catch up with some of Butlins’ newest Redcoat recruits at their annual graduation ceremony. It was a brilliant few…

Meet our new 2015 Redcoats

Say hello to your 2015 Redcoats

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… introducing your 2015 Butlins Redcoats! This year we have got nearly 80 Redcoats who will be welcoming you across our three…